Mid-February to Early March 2013

We were quickly surprised about the costs associated with a wedding. You hear about them all the time, even before planning your own.  Despite our best efforts to brace ourselves for reality, sticker shock still struck.

We started looking for invitations and found one we both liked: simple, clean, modern, legible.  When priced for 75 invitations, response cards, and envelopes, it came to $600 dollars.  Without belly bands.  Without imprinted letters.  Without metallic paper.  We’re talking white, heavy paper with some ink. We about keeled over and died.  Natalie put her high school journalism skills to use in InDesign and was able to recreate the design perfectly thanks to free fonts available for download.  We then looked for paper suppliers, and contacted two online paper stores for samples to see how they compared to our beloved Paper Source.

While we waited for the paper samples to arrive, we got to work on selecting a Save The Date design.  Shai really liked a unique design that plays tribute to our slightly nerdier sides and Natalie set to work to recreate it as well. We’re hoping to shrink our stationery costs by half by doing it ourselves.

While we worked on the stationery in bursts, we placed a bid on GigMasters to see who would bite.  For those not familiar, this site works to list entertainers of all kinds  in your area (not just DJs, but everything from clowns and face painters to videographers and live bands), and allows you to request bids from 5 or 10 of them.  It’s one of the easiest decisions we’ve made so far: fill out information for 5 minutes, wait to receive bids, compare offers, set up phone interviews, and select!  We both got a good vibe from the gentleman we selected as our master of ceremony and DJ, which is good because we realize there may be some inertia to overcome to fill the dance floor on an early Sunday afternoon.

Finally, and it’s really about time, we’ve arranged for our parents to meet Saturday, March 2.  While Shai and Natalie have both visited with each other’s families many times, our parents have yet to meet.  This might have something to do with the fact that the last time Shai’s mom and dad were in town, Natalie was just meeting them for the first time!  So, we think we’ll make a big chicken dinner at home so Shai’s mom can feel comfortable eating without worrying about allergies and everyone can get to know each other without the hustle and bustle of a restaurant.


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