Mid-December to mid-January 2013

After Shai proposed, we took about two weeks to just enjoy this new status in our relationship.   It helped quite a bit that this time period fell over the holidays and trying to start planning would have added even MORE stress to the already hectic time of year.  But once New Year’s passed, Natalie purchased Mindy Weiss’ The Wedding Planner & Organizer (for about one one-hundredth the cost of a real wedding planner!) and got to town.

We sat down and each spoke about our grand vision for the wedding.  We started stealing borrowing ideas from Pinterest, weddinggawker.com, and magazines as inspiration for our wedding.  What we have determined is that many of today’s trends… don’t appeal to us at all.  While Natalie loves mason jars, they just don’t scream wedding to either of us when paired with burlap and bunting.  Apparently we don’t have taste or something.  Don’t get us started on mustaches.

We also determined what items were important to us, and which we’d be willing to scrap to stick to our budget.  Included in this “important to us” was the selection of the bridal party members.  Both of us treasure our friendships as an additional level of support that supplements the guidance provided by our family.  Immediately, the names of life-long friends came to our minds, and we were delighted to receive 8 of 8 yeses.

We picked dates and ranked them, after checking with the Jewish calendar to avoid falling in love with a date that is prohibited. (And there are a lot of them…)

And finally, we started listing people that we absolutely wanted to invite.  With the three components of vision, people, and date, January quickly turned into research month.


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